Terra Analytics has moved all of its applications to Huawei Cloud and is enjoying the benefits this provides.

Terra Analytics is a diversified group of companies which focuses on innovation in decision making by connecting and visualising data using spatial technologies with multidisciplinary capabilities.

It had previously managed its IT infrastructures in a local data centre, as well as on their premises.

Frequent load-shedding combined with old equipment, however, meant that business continuity risk was continually on the rise.

Additionally, their old equipment meant Terra Analytics’ expansion plans could not be supported by their hardware.

This necessitated the implementation of newer technologies that offered comprehensive disaster recovery and failover services, as well the ability to scale rapidly.

These technologies needed to be self-sufficient, too, as the company’s IT engineers are primarily focused on project delivery and application configuration and optimisation.

How Huawei Cloud helped

Huawei Cloud helped Terra Analytics solve its needs by providing a reliable, scalable, and on-demand environment with backup capacity and a real-time monitoring console.

The solution also offers important Huawei Cloud tools and features like Elastic Cloud Server, Elastic IP, Cloud Backup and Restore, and Cloud Eye.

Switching to Huawei Cloud was not a problem for Terra Analytics, either, as Huawei Cloud’s Server Migration Service makes it easy to migrate both on-premise virtual machines and physical servers to the cloud automatically – with the switchover taking less than two minutes.

Huawei Cloud also allocated a dedicated team to work with Terra Analytics’ technical team to understand their legacy IT architecture – and they designed a best-practice Cloud solution together.

The result is that Terra Analytics now has a reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud solution.

Switch to Huawei Cloud

Terra Analytics is just one example of the many South African businesses that have revolutionised their systems through Huawei Cloud.

The local Huawei Cloud team would love to help you take your business to the next level.

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