President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the movement from an adjusted alert level 3 to adjusted alert level 2 of the national lockdown effective from Monday, 13 September.

The president said the decision was based on the latest figures that show a consistent decrease of daily Covid-19 cases over the last few weeks, but nevertheless he started his speech pleading for people to get vaccinated as a large majority of those who were hospitalised were were unvaccinated people in the age group of 60 plus.

“People vaccinated are less likely to die,” he said, stressing that the more people get the jab, the earlier the country will be able to reopen gatherings such as sports stadiums and concerts.

“When we are vaccinated we will be able to restore all other critical health interventions.”

The following changes apply to the Adjusted Level 2:

  • The curfew moves to 11pm-4am
  • Restaurants, fitness centres, and bars must close at 10pm
  • An increas in the number of people at indoor gatherings is allowed, from 50 to 200, and 500 for outdoor gatherings.
  • Religious services, and political events are now permitted
  • Sale of alcohol for off-site consumption is allowed to take place from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

The measures will be reviewed in two weeks, Ramaphosa says.


Vaccine milestones and passports: 7 Million people fully vaccinated

SA is currently administering a million doses of the vaccine every days. The current total number of vaccines administered is 14.6 million, with seven million South Africans fully vaccinated.

Ramaphosa said they are concentrating on vaccinating the elderly 60 and older. Women are vaccinating in higher numbers then men.

He added that the health department is looking into vaccine passports for entering certain locations.

Over the peak of the third wave:

The third wave has been persistent compared to the first two waves. Ramaphosa says the country as a whole isn’t out of the third wave yet.

The country as a whole has seen a decline in number but Ramaphosa pointed out Covid-19 numbers in Northern Cape and Free State have seen an increase.

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