For the same price as a DStv Premium subscription, you can buy numerous drinks from a bar while watching your favourite sports on one of their TVs.

DStv Premium has lost many subscribers over the last few years, in part due to the increasing popularity of video streaming services like Netflix, which offer vast libraries of movies and TV shows at a fraction of DStv’s price.

While many want to “cut the cord” and migrate fully to Internet-based services, the simple truth is that no streaming provider offers the wide range of sports that SuperSport has.

MultiChoice spends a lot of money securing exclusive broadcasting and streaming rights to major matches and tournaments in popular sports like rugby, cricket, football, tennis, golf, and motorsport.

While there are a few alternative streaming services to consider, signing up for them often requires a complicated workaround using a foreign payment method and VPN.

Circumventing geographic restrictions in this way may be illegal in South Africa. Therefore, it is understandable that South African sports fans would rather pay the R829 monthly fee for DStv Premium than deal with the headaches of geoblocks.

There is an alternative, however.

Instead of paying for DStv Premium yourself, you can head down to the nearest sports pub & grill to watch the big game — provided South Africa is not under strict lockdown measures.

Many fine establishments near your home will be more than happy to let you watch the game on their big-screen TVs, provided that you buy a few drinks and tip your waiter.

We decided to see how many popular drinks you can buy for the price of a DStv Premium subscription from a sports pub.

For our comparison, we used the menu prices of three sports bars — one each in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.

We then calculated how many of each drink you could buy for the price of DStv Premium and how many matches you would be able to watch, assuming you order four drinks per match.

The tables below show our findings.


The Hang Over Bar, Moreleta Park
Beverage Price Number of drinks per DStv subscription Number of matches (4 drinks each)
Local beer (340ml) R23 36 9
Windhoek Draught R28 29 7
Double Richelieu brandy & mix / Double Captain Morgan rum & Mix R30 27 6
Jack Daniels whiskey tot R24 34 8
Smirnoff 1818 vodka shot / Jagermeister shot R20 41 10
Long Island Ice Tea R70 11 2
Glass of Drostdy Hof Red wine R27 30 7
Glass of Drostdy Hof Rose R28 29 7


Green & Gold, Roodepoort
Beverage Price Number of drinks per DStv subscription Number of matches (4 drinks each)
Hunter’s / Smirnoff / Flying Fish R29 28 7
Savanna R35 23 5
Bain’s whiskey tot / Springbokkie shooter R25 33 8
1-litre Gummy Bear Juice Cocktail R145 5 1
Glass of Drostdy-Hof Extra Light white wine R39 21 5
Bottle of Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot red wine R99 8 2

Cape Town

The Blue Whistle, Claremont
Beverage Price Number of drinks per DStv subscription Number of matches (4 drinks each)
Local beer (340ml) R25 33 8
Black Label draught (500ml) R36 23 5
Hunter’s / Savanna / Smirnoff R31 26 7
Long Island Ice Tea R70 11 2
Glass of A Madrinha Perle white wine / Madame Rose R27 30 7
Glass of O Padrino Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot red wine R30 27 6

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