Many religious organisations have been taking a difficult decision on deciding to keep places of worship open or closed.

Below is CTIEC Fatwa passed on 27 May 2020

By Allah’s Help, The Gifting Master. O Allah Guide To That Which Is True And Precise!

Re-Opening Our Masājid during Covid-19 | Download: Fatwa Re Opening Masaajid Covid 19

27 May 2020

As Muslims living in South Africa through these tested times of Covid-19, we have a duty firstly to Almighty AllahY in adhering to the objectives of the Qurān and Sunnah to “preserve life” and to contribute to the public good. We welcome the decision of the President to resume services at Masājidas long as our Masājid can meet the stringent protocols.

Our health experts reiterated that this virus is of a contagious nature which has infected thousands and many have died as a result. After consultation with them, a joint decision has been taken that if our Masājid are logistically able to open then stringent measures will have to be enforced in order to protect our Musallies and to limit the spread of this virus for the greater public good. Our concern is that if these measures are not adhered to strictly,the ramifications are going to be catastrophic. May Allah protect us all. Āmīn !

Thus, our decision is that we should continue to be proactive and continue taking the necessary precautionary measures to limit community outbursts as much as possible. Accordingly, keeping in-line with our original decision based on Fatwa No: 01271 (regarding the preservation of life), we request our Musallies to perform their Salāhs at home(especially if their Masājid are unable to be compliant with the government regulations). In such a situation, prevention is better than cure.

However, for those Masājid that are able to abide by the stringent protocols as instructed by the government,we urge the Musallies to follow those protocols and assist wherever possible in trying to flatten the curve. The onus should be on each Masjid to guide their communities.

With that being said, our counsel is to continue acting upon the religious, social and hygienic guidelines given to us by our scholars and medical experts to limit this virus. For further information, visit:

We supplicate to Allah that He protect us from all harms and allow us to return to His houses soonest. Āmīn !

Allah Knows Best

Help Flatten The Curve! Human Lives Are At Stake!

Mufti Sayed Haroon Al Azhari

(Head of CTIEC Cape Town Ulama Board)

Fatwa No: 01395