Simon Just is a leading ICT expert and the cluster executive of advisory, solutions, and group marketing at EOH and iOCO.

He joined EOH in 2013, and is now responsible for the advisory businesses, cross-industry team solutions teams, and value propositions.

As part of his portfolio, Simon is also responsible for group marketing, value proposition development, and iOCO’s clients in financial services.

Simon is an experienced retail banker and has fulfilled several senior roles in retail banking including consumer banking, card, home loans, and ventures.

In his final role with Absa, he was the managing executive of consumer banking in South Africa where he was responsible for transactional banking, savings and investments, rewards, and consumer segments.

Simon has driven and lead many innovative solution initiatives in the South African market including CashSend, Virgin Money, in-store banking, contactless payments, and other financial services products.

In this What’s Next episode, Simon shares how the work environment has changed and what the future of work looks like.

Simon predicts that workforces will have to be combinations of in-office and remote work, where experiences are personalised.

He also discusses technology as an enabler for the ideal employee experience in a hybrid work environment.

Simon further provides insight into what companies need to do to accommodate the changing norms in the workplace and how iOCO can help through this process to build the ultimate employee ecosystem.

The full interview with Simon Just is embedded below. You can see all What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interviews here.


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