The maker of Nokia-branded phones debuted its latest line of three new devices on Tuesday, including a “military grade” smartphone that’s equipped with 5G capabilities.

HMD Global, which was created by former Nokia executives in 2016 and bought Nokia’s ailing mobile phone unit back from Microsoft in a $350 million deal, said Tuesday that the new Nokia XR20 will be the most durable phone its ever created.

“Built to survive anything life can throw at you, the Nokia XR20 can withstand much more than you’ll ever demand of it,” the Espoo, Finland-based firm said in a statement.

The tough XR20 phone comes with a 6.67-inch Gorilla Glass Victus display and can resist damage from scratches and drops from as high up as about 6 feet, according to the company.

“With an ultra-solid case and the toughest display glass we could find, it’s scratch-resistant, drop-resistant, temperature-resistant, water-resistant and kid-and-pet-resistant,” the company’s promotional material says.

The advertising for the XR20 taps into the popularity of the Nokia brand, which has become known for the strength and durability of its phones from years ago.

The reputed invincibility of older Nokia phones often been the target of viral memes that circulate on the internet.

In a marketing video for the new phone, HMD shows a woman spilling coffee on the device and then rinsing it in the sink.

Roberto Carlos recreates his classic free kick in ‘Toughest Test’ against new Nokia XR20
Former soccer star Roberto Carlos recreates his classic free kick in ‘Toughest Test’ against the new Nokia XR20.
HMB Global

A girl then accidentally drops the phone, picks it up and drops it again on a stony path — only to show the screen largely unscathed.

Florian Seiche, HMD’s CEO, said the company is leaning into people’s desire for phones that last longer.

“We are tapping into consumer pain points around durability and longevity,” he said in a statement. “At HMD, we are empowering people to avoid early device replacement and encouraging a more sustainable consumption through our longevity promises.”

On top of its toughness, the XR20 comes with ultra-fast 5G internet capabilities and has a 48-megapixel and 13-megapixel dual-lens main camera. It’s available in black and blue.

The device starts at $549.99 in the US and will begin shipping on August 24.

The company also on Tuesday unveiled a revived version of its 6310 phone, which was introduced in 2001, and the Nokia C30, which comes with the “largest screen and battery yet.”

HMD also released four different ranges of Nokia earphones on Tuesday.

The launch of the new devices marks HMD’s latest effort to strengthen its position in the smartphone market.

HMD, which is backed by tech heavyweights Google, Qualcomm and Nokia, has been selling modern takes on retro Nokia appliances and smartphones at prices that vary from low to mid range.

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